Pregnancy and Baby Bereavement






Karen has created  her bereavement support with the knowledge and understanding that at times instead of great  happiness and celebration, when expecting one or more  babies and entering into parenthood, unfortunately for many there is sudden, unexpected death, the devastation, shock and grief.

At this painful and emotional time many parents may feel a flurry of emotions and isolation. Some may feel confused and frustrated as they experience their own grief process and experience responses from others around them.

Society does not readily embrace a natural ease with those who are grieving, especially the bereavement of a pregnancy or baby. Many people may not have the confidence in expressing, supporting or acknowledging an understanding of the complexity of your unique loss, such as the hopes and dreams for your future and your baby, when a pregnancy ends or a baby/babies dies.

Grief is a natural and intimate response to loss including bereavement.  It is a personal and painful process with no prescriptive cure and no time limits.  It takes as long as it takes.






To provide understanding and emotional support to all families and whanau, during their personal grieving process when a baby/babies dies, with the utmost respect and empathy. The individuals or LMC can access this support at anytime – before, during or after the birth and bereavement - on your invite.

Encourage and support those that grieve to find and do what is right for them, whatever that may be.

Providing opportunity for informed choice.

Continued & enhanced networking with maternity services, DHB’s, social workers, chaplains and other support agencies creating a multidisplinary support option.

The companionship focused support can be as much or as little as the individual grieving feels they need with the understanding that this may change as time goes by.