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International Bereaved Mother's Day - First Sunday in May Each Year



"Mother’s Day was created in honour of a bereaved mother. It’s time to take our day back to its roots. For us to educate the rest of society on the true meaning of Mother’s Day, we must use our voices. We become mothers the very moment that we open our hearts to the idea of conceiving a child. Let us remind people of this truth.

The first Sunday im May every year, get together with your closest friends and family and celebrate your beautiful Mother Heart. Celebrate your babies and children. Lets speak about the true meaning of Mother’s Day. Let us start some healing conversations."   Perfect words from Carly Marie

Whether you are in Victoria or Brisbane, please diary this day and keep a watch out for up and coming information on events in your area, that will provide, opportunity, connection and aknowledgement, in a safe and nurturing envorinment.

Please consider joining us at the 7th Annual International Bereaved Mother's Day High Tea - 3rd May 2020

Kind wishes

Karen - Lamplighter x







In May 2020, this will be the 7th year that this event has been offered to the bereaved community in Queensland and excitedly is being hosted again by yours truly! 


A huge thank you to all those Ladies that came along and made this event for 2019 so special.

Who is excited and ready to mark down in the diary for next year?

I truly hope you all had a very special Sunday and I am so humbled to be a part of this amazing club that no one wishes to belong to - thank you each and every one of you!

Please be encouraged to go out and have conversations with family, friends and perhaps even other member of the club about what it was like for you to be part of the IMBD High Tea this year. Raising awareness and opportunity for people to decide about the supports that they may like to connect in with, I am passionate about. 

I am so looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday 3rd  May 2020.

Tickets will go on Sale March next year - Keep a look out.

 Over the coming months please do feel free to email me with any suggestions on how we can make next year's event more special for you or if there is an event/workshop/seminar that you felt as a member of the bereaved community, you would like to see being offered by the Grief Practitioner. I would love to hear from you.

Karen J - The Grief Practitioner GC

 Offical Pictures of the High Tea, with much thanks to Michelle our volunteer photographer 2019




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