Supporting Practitioner


As every individual travels through the natural ups and downs of life, sometime along the journey we can find ourselves seeking support from others.

Depending on our support structure or the nature of our challenges we may seek an independant person within a professional and confidential environment.

Based in Person-Centred and strength based training, I offer all those who I journey along side, a safe and non judgemental space. Encouraging and exploring together opportunties of increased choice, options, change and reclaiming self knowing and truth.

Regardless of age, culture or social status having the opportunity to talk, to be heard and to be understood in a respectful relationship can be the beginning of the journey.



"At times, along with tears and struggles, there are moments of laughter and joy!"


I am a  past member of the Australian Counselling Association M.A.C.A and the College of Loss and Grief CGAL, (Level 2). I  hold a New Zealand Diploma in Counselling, Level 6 (1200hrs), with over 300 face to face client counselling hours in placement training.


Supervision  Team:


  Judy Boyland, Brisbane, Australia 2014 - 2018


 Dr Lois Tonkin, Christchurch, New Zealand - Aotearoa (2009 - 2016).